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Cooking with Fire - Cast Iron and Coals

It was Napoleon who said, “An army marches on its stomach.” We love good food, and wouldn’t dream of going into a remote location without taking some good tucker. The heat (both fierce and gentle) obtained by an open fire is unobtainable in a commercial kitchen. Over the years we have developed our own unique techniques to package and store fresh food, transport it into remote locations and then cook a feast. In fact our owner Andrew Dwyer has written three bestselling books about it, He has travelled the world as a guest of major international culinary organisations demonstrating how to cook with fire. We are famous for our good tucker. One thing is for sure, you are going to eat really well on a Diamantina expedition. Guaranteed! Check out our food blog by clicking on the panel to the right. Its full of recipes and stories. Below is a video of a fresh damper being cooked. Click Here to go to our Youtube channel for lots of videos.

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